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Experience The Thrill Of Music History Through RFD-TV’s “On The Record” With Suzanne Alexander

RFD-TV is bringing viewers closer to some of the most iconic and upcoming stars of country music with their newest series, “On the Record”. Hosted by renowned broadcaster, Suzanne Alexander, this show offers a unique window into the music industry by showcasing exclusive interviews and long-form conversation with some of the greatest musicians, both old and new.

Viewers Will Be Transported Back Through Country Music History

From performances to music videos, “On the Record” gives its viewers a front row seat to intimate shows and exclusive releases. This allows all fans to get up close and personal to the current experiences and stories of country music and gain access to the talents of Nashville’s influential stars. Not to mention, behind the scenes commentary and exclusive interviews that reveal the backstory of the world behind country music.

Unforgettable Performances And Exclusive Music Videos Brought To You By “On The Record”

“On the Record” taps into the magic of modern country music by giving its viewers a front row seat to long-form interviews with some of the most inspiring and talented artists, old and new. It highlights the broad talent of Nashville, with songs and performances that will stay with you for years. Not to mention exclusive music video releases and intimate, behind-the-scenes commentary that no other show will bring.

Discover The True Story of Country Music Through “On The Record”

Hosted by the esteemed Suzanne Alexander, “On the Record” transports viewers back through country music’s history. Not only featuring intimate performances and exclusive music video releases, but also providing interviews including big names and veterans who have shaped the past and will forever inspire the future of country music.