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“Bryan Danielson Says Goodbye to William Regal and Looks Ahead to Final Full-Time Year”

Bryan Danielson has recently shared that his full-time wrestling career will soon come to an end. Although it was a sad moment when his good friend William Regal departed AEW, Danielson has explained in an interview with Sports Nightly that he was grateful to have been able to spend more time with Regal.

The American Dragon had initially not known if he would ever see his beloved friend again, until Regal surprised the world by making an appearance at AEW Revolution. This collective meeting of three wrestlers later grew to four with the addition of Wheeler Yuta, and created the Blackpool Combat Club. Danielson was crushed by Regal’s departure from AEW; however, he was happy to have gotten at least one more chance to work with him.

What Lies Ahead for Bryan Danielson

Though Bryan Danielson is nearing the end of his full-time career, there is still much the wrestling world can look forward to seeing from him in the coming year. As Danielson already has plans to face off against up-and-coming stars such as Darby Allin and Nick Wayne, the wrestler also has his eyes set on having a final matchup with Kenny Omega.

Until then, Bryan Danielson is making the most of his remaining year and doing his dearly departed Regal proud.