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Heading Into The Last Matchup: Chip Kelly Reflects on Final Pac-12 Showdown
The Pac-12 is set to undergo reshaping in 2024 that will shift four of its most prominent teams, including UCLA, to other conferences. Ahead of what might be his last Pac-12 showdown between UCLA and Stanford, head coach Chip Kelly expressed his sadness about the upcoming transition.

A Decade of Dedication: Chip Kelly’s Tenure in Pac-12
Chip Kelly has spent the last 10 years in the Pac-12. He first began with Oregon in 2009, took a brief detour to the NFL, and returned to coach UCLA in 2018. Since then, his teams have been regularly competing for conference titles.

UCLA’s Final Battle: Fighting Against Stanford in Week 8
On Saturday, UCLA and Stanford will face off in Week 8 for what promises to be a memorable farewell match up for the Bruins. As the game approaches, Kelly has opened up about his feelings about the end of the conference and the potential that the universities might reunite in the future.

Criticism and Sentiments: Chip Kelly Demands Action
While expressing his disappointment over the upcoming transition, Kelly is sure to point the finger at those who facilitated the process and criticize them instead of the student athletes that will be impacted. He recounted some of his best battles, including the 2012 loss to Stanford that prevented the Ducks from competing in the Pac-12 title game, and reminisced about some of the amazing players from the Cardinal.

Final Ride for UCLA: Optimism Despite Reorganization
Although Kelly seeks to reunite the league, it is apparent that the reorganization is inevitable. He also can’t deny the great strides that the Pac-12 teams have made recently, particularly the rise of Washington to Playoff contender status. As his final ride in the Pac-12 approaches, Kelly maintained optimism that the universities may ultimately reunite down the road.