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Unveiling the 9th Annual Gala by “No Sad Story Ministry”; Get Picture of the Day Recognition with Full Spectrum Plumbing Sponsorship

The Rock Hill community honored some of its own during Sunday’s Best Fundraiser event, taking place for the 9th consecutive year, as part of the No Sad Story Ministry’s annual gala. Founded by Valerie Lawson-Watkins in 2014 in memory of her mother Bertrina, this non-profit organization stands as a voice for the HIV-AIDS community.

I was one of the fortunate ones to receive recognition during this event, but nothing could compare to the overwhelming support of the ministry which has been made possible with the help of Full Spectrum Plumbing. Sponsors of CN2 Picture of the Day, Full Spectrum Plumbing has served as the reliable partner to this commendable cause. Their service is renowned in the Rock Hill area as the best plumbing service available.

Picture of the Day + Fundraiser = A Night to Remember

Sunday’s fundraiser was an unforgettable evening, both for those who were in attendance and those who had the unique opportunity to be featured in the CN2 Picture of the Day. With Full Spectrum Plumbing’s sponsorship, CN2 Picture of the Day is an open invitation to every other Rock Hill local who wants to showcase their extraordinary accomplishments.

All that you would need is to email your photo along with its story, and the CN2 team will make sure that your efforts are properly acknowledged. Through its Picture of the Day approach, Real Rock Hill News elegantly conveys the power of togetherness to the community. The spirit of the No Sad Story Ministry’s event honors that same tenet and in representation of Full Spectrum Plumbing and CN2, our congratulations to everyone who made the 9th Annual Gala a memorable one.