Community concerned with trash along Bees Ferry Road: ‘It’s just sad’ – Live 5 News WCSC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Many of those who live in West Ashley are frustrated with constant trash in and along Bees Ferry Road, and they say it needs to be inspected more often.

Located near the Charleston County Landfill, Bees Ferry Road often sees large trucks and construction vehicles constantly taking trips back and forth.

Tawnia and Tom Berta, who both live off Bees Ferry Road, have noticed the problem for months now. They say the problem can be attributed to a few factors, including trash falling off large trucks and the nearby homeless population.

“In the storm drain, when you look over driving, you see wood pallets, buckets, bottles cups, shopping carts full of cans, construction cones left along the roadway,” Tawnia says. “I know obviously people that have seen further down there’s tires; it’s everything.”

She adds that others in West Ashley have been fighting this problem for years now.

“Some people have just given up. They’re like, ‘nothing’s going to happen, nothing’s going to change, just leave it as it is,’” Tawnia says. “But every time I see it, I can’t stand to look at it; it’s just sad.”

Not only is the trash on the sidewalks and roads, but now nearby residents say it’s in their stormwater drains.

“To see the amount of trash that are in the streams that block up these drains, it’s just like atrocious,” Berta says. “These drains need to be opened for when we get hurricanes or tropical storms.”

Both say that’s what makes them most concerned, their water being contaminated.

“That means most likely hazardous materials have gotten to our waterways, contaminated the fish or wildlife,” Berta says. “We need the wetlands to survive.”

This part of West Ashley gets somewhat confusing for residents, in between the city of Charleston and Charleston County, about who to turn to with questions or concerns. Tawnia and Berta say it took weeks to months to get a response from local government agencies.

“They should know how many drains they have blocked, and they should have an inspection at least once a month to make sure these are being kept clear,” Berta says.

“I’d even be willing to organize some cleanup crew and do it ourselves,” Tawnia says. “I just think there needs to be better maintenance because there’s constantly trash.”

The city of Charleston and Charleston County both say you can reach out to them with concerns, but most of the cleanup along Bees Ferry Road is in the hands of the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

One of the stormwater drains has been cleared out by SCDOT according to Charleston County.

Live 5 has reached out to SCDOT but has not been given a response.