Doctor Prescribes ‘Very, Very Sad’ Virginia Woman a ‘New Cat’ – PEOPLE

Virginia Woman Finds Joy With New Cat Prescribed By Doctor

When Robin Sipe, a resident of Grottoes, Virginia, visited Sentara RMH Medical Center’s Dr. Earl King for her lung condition, little did she know that the doctor would soon be playing matchmaker — prescribing her a new furry friend.

Touched By Sadness, Doctor Prescribes a Kitten
Sipe was overwhelmed with sadness due to the passing of her pet cat, and Dr. King noticed. Being ever-so sympathetic to her plight, he recommended something groundbreaking – he prescribed a new cat to help her smile again.

Renowned Doctor Believes Pets Improve General Wellbeing
Dr. King, who has long been associated with Sentara RMH Medical Center, believes that owning cats or dogs can improve a person’s cardiovascular and lung health. Not only can they be a source of comfort, but animals can also act as an important source of companionship while providing emotional support.

The Cat That Changed Everything
Following the doctor’s instruction, Sipe went on a mission to find her new furry partner. She eventually found a three-legged kitten from a nearby farm. Touched by the doctor’s kindness, she named the kitten ‘Earline’ in honour of Dr. King.

A Remarkable Bond Is Born
Since bringing her new kitten home, joy and happiness have filled the home of Robin Sipe. The three-legged kitten and its new owner have formed a remarkable bond and now do everything together, from playing to lounging.

A Special Pet, For a Special Doctor
Sipe is full of praise for Dr. King and his exceptional act of kindness, saying: “He was compassionate, he was caring, he went the extra mile for me”. She believes not everyone is in possession of a doctor of his caliber.

Life-Changing Pet Prescription Uncovers Benefits of Animal Companionship
The story of Robin Sipe and Dr. Earl King has provided an important insight into the health benefits of animal companionship, and the lifelong joy they could bring. The Virginia native’s warm gesture in naming the kitten ‘Earline’ demonstrates true appreciation for the life-changing prescription.