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Ex-Ohio State Wrestler Speaks Out Against Jim Jordan’s House Speaker Bid: An Expose of Rep. Jordan’s Dismissal of Abuse Allegations
William Knight, one of several former Ohio State University wrestlers who have spoken out against the nomination of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for House speaker, expressed his disappointment in the congressman during an interview on Tuesday. Knight, who has accused Jordan of not protecting wrestlers from sexual abuse by the school doctor Richard Strauss, said on CNN’s NewsNight that it’s “pretty sad” how Jordan is now conducting himself.

Jordan’s Denial and Alleged Lack of Support for Former Teammates
Jordan has denied having knowledge of the alleged abuse by Strauss. Knight disagreed, noting that Jordan has “done nothing but help divide our group as well—from teammates who haven’t come forward or people who still believe that he is a fighter or that don’t want to turn on him.”

Knight’s Criticism: “Who is Jordan Fighting For?”
The former wrestler questioned Jordan’s actions, noting that “when people call Jordan a fighter, I always wonder who he’s fighting for. All he has done is turn his back on us.”

The Fallout: Rep. Jordan’s Exception to His Own Goodwill Pledge
Jordan’s history of avoiding allegations of sexual abuse and his display of dedicated partisanship has shattered Knight’s any original view of goodwill that he once had for Jordan. In Knight’s assessment, Jordan has disqualified himself from being a strong leader and elected official with the Ohio constituents, as he is no longer fighting for their best interests.