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Say Goodbye to the Caring Carmelite Nuns: Buffalo City Brings Fond Farewell as the Monastery of the Little Flower of Jesus Prepares to Move

Buffalo, New York, the home of the Monastery of the Little Flower of Jesus since 1920, is facing a bittersweet goodbye due to the Carmelite Nuns’ announcement of plans to move to St. Augustine, Florida. The locals, especially those that have grown up in the neighborhood, feel a deep sadness as they share heartfelt appreciation for these beloved nuns that have offered comfort and prayer with the community for so many years.

Pamela Jacobs: Growing up with the Carmelite Nuns

Pamela Jacobs has been locals to the North Buffalo neighborhood for over 30 years. With her upbringing laced with moments of joy and struggles alike, Jacobs knew that the Carmelite Nuns were her go-to when she needed peace of mind. Growing up she knew that if anything happened of consequence or import, the prayer cards offered at the monastery could make all the difference.

“Anytime anything of stress or even happiness happened,we’d come to the Carmelites and get a prayer card, and we had faith it would change the course of things,” said Jacobs.

Ann Brighton: Reflecting on the Carmelite Nuns

Residents like Ann Brighton has lived in the area for nearly five decades, their appreciation for the Nun’s incomparable positivity and prayerful life runs deep. With no expectation of their impending relocation, Brighton can only express her love and understanding in having taken this difficult decision.

“I love having them here,” said Brighton. “Because they’re busy praying all the time when I don’t pray all the time.”

The Farewell Letter

The Carmelite Nuns have released a heartfelt goodbye letter to the city of Buffalo. In part, it reads “When this monastery was built, this was a quiet area on the outskirts of the city. Now, however, we no longer have the silence and solitude which are requisite for a cloistered community.” Drawing on recent offers from the Diocese of Saint Augustine, the letter affirms that the move is a blessing coming from the hand of divine providence.

Joel Feroleto: The City Councilman’s Farewell

City Councilman, Joel Feroleto, too, grew up in the area and, while paying farewell to the Nuns, continues to think of ways to foster community engagement with whoever takes over the building.

“I think it’s important that whoever does purchase the property has robust community engagement and talk to the neighbors, said Feroleto. “Everybody is used to it being the church.”

No timeline has been announced for the move yet, though realistic details are still to be worked out. But it is still safe to say that the city of Buffalo will forever thank the Carmelite Nuns of the Monastary of the Little Flower of Jesus for their 103 years of love and support.

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