‘I’m sad, deeply sad:’ Local families from Gaza and Israel with loved ones overseas react to war – WSB Atlanta

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How the War Between Israel and Gaza is Affecting People Around the World

A Shocking Look at How the War Between Israel and Gaza is Impacting Families Everywhere

Metro Atlanta Residents Speak Out on the Conflict in the Middle East

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As airstrikes continue, the United States is planning to evacuate American citizens from the Middle East this Friday as the death toll from both sides of the conflict involving Israel and Gaza surpasses 2,700 individuals, including hundreds of children. As a precautionary measure, one Jewish Community Center located in Metro Atlanta has opted to increase security following threats that may arise during expected protests in the area. This war has caused immense heartbreak for numerous families, especially those in Metro Atlanta that have had loved ones pass away due to it.

Najati Omar Masseoud, an 82-year-old who hails from Gaza but currently resides in Metro Atlanta, spoke out during a statement feeling deeply saddened by all that’s occurring. He went on to explain that although there is much concern for what’s going on in Israel, innocent individuals in Gaza have been hurt and killed as well. He also said that many of those affected now have no houses or clothes.

Jordan Sokolic, an individual from Israel who is currently visiting family in Atlanta, was taken aback upon discovering about the war by a cell phone video of his neighborhood in Israel. He expressed his sorrow in knowing that friends of his are having to attend funerals and that the magnitude of the impact is greater than ten 9-11’s combined just in Israel alone.

To pledge their support, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Tel Aviv to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US is offering assistance with intelligence and strategic support but there is no plan to put troops on the ground in the Middle East. Police departments across the country are on alert for any possible violent riots ahead of the expected protests planned for this Friday.

In response to the conflict, supporters of Israel from Sandy Springs are gathering to show their support as the war continues, offering an array of positivity during such a dire time.