Indiana girls are more sad than ever. This group wants to fix that. – WFYI

Mental Health Crisis Among Teen Girls: Indiana Report Uncovers Alarming Statistics

Indiana teens are facing a growing mental health crisis, with depression impacting girls particularly hard. The Girl Coalition of Indiana concluded that in 2022 an astonishing 47% of middle and high school girls experienced depression, with one in four of these girls considering suicide. So why are girls suffering more than boys?

Bullying: A Potential Contributor to the Crisis

The report of the Girl Coalition did not provide an answer to this question, but it did point to a contributor – bullying. High school girls in Indiana are more than twice as likely to become victims of bullying at school, and more than three times as likely to be victims of bullying online.

The Goal of the Girl Coalition of Indiana

The Girl Coalition of Indiana is a project of the Girl Scouts of Indiana and was launched in 2020. Its primary goal is to increase Girl Scout membership among girls from low-income families. At the same time, the coalition is also studying the challenges facing Indiana girls, in order to make a case for the necessary changes required to improve their lives.

How Families and Loved Ones Can Help

The Girl Coalition’s findings are deeply concerning, which is why families and loved ones can play an essential role in helping girls through this crisis. Mackenzie Pickerrell, the group’s executive director, insists that recognizing girls’ challenges and emotions is the essential first step. Having conversations at home and offering empathy is key to understanding girls’ potential and helping them to thrive.

It’s clear that Indiana girls are in a state of crisis. But with help and understanding, this crisis can be faced and reversed.