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“The Magic of Iñaki Godoy’s Performace as Luffy in the Live-Action Adaptation of One Piece”

For Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece, actor Iñaki Godoy deserves high praise for his incredible portrayal of the series’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. His commitment to the role was praised not only by fans but also by the creator Eiichiro Oda himself. In a recent interview, Godoy shared his unique experience on the set of One Piece Live-Action, bringing insights on what his first and last days felt like.

The First Day on Set

In an interview with Stream Wars, Godoy recollected what it was like to start filming on the set of One Piece Live-Action in Cape Town, South Africa. His very first scene involved a conflict between Luffy and the Marines in Shell’s Town, as Luffy attempted to steal a map of the Grand Line. Godoy shared his thoughts on the immense responsibility he felt to properly bring Luffy to life:

“It was a very exciting day. I was definitely feeling a bit of pressure to honor Luffy and the series One Piece, and that was very much on my mind. But when I got onto the set, I was taken aback by the immense scale of the world they had created. So, I just kind of threw myself into the role, reminding myself that Luffy always had fun, and that if I was enjoying myself, it would be reflected in my performance.”

The Last Day on Set

The last day of filming was incredibly emotional for Godoy, especially during the Kuro fight scene. Not only was he able to do many of his own stunts, but he was also humbled by the kindness and expertise of the One Piece stunt team. He reflected on the deeper emotional connection he had developed with the character of Luffy during the shoot:

“It was a very bittersweet moment. I was excited to finish what was a massive undertaking, but at the same time I knew I was leaving my friends from the cast and crew and, most of all, I was leaving Luffy behind. But at the same time, I also felt that playing Luffy had pushed me to become a better version of myself.”


Iñaki Godoy’s enthusiatic and passionate performance as Luffy in One Piece Live-Action left a lasting impression on fan’s and Eiichiro Oda himself. Every angle of his performance was considered and showed respect for the character and the series itself. Godoy’s commitment to the role and the depth and emotion he brought to the character highlights the brilliance of the Netflix adaptation.