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Unraveling an Epic Love Story: New Poster from ENA’s “Moon in the Day”

Get ready to experience a dramatic and unforgettable love story of two star-crossed souls! ENA’s upcoming drama “Moon in the Day” has just released a brand-new poster, and it’s stunning!

Offered by the webtoon of the same name, “Moon in the Day” is an emotionally charged romance that transcends 1,500 years. Told through two timelines, the story follows a man who is killed by his lover and a woman who has lost her memory and is still living life as it comes. Taking on both of the male roles are Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin, who will portray Han Jun Oh and Do Ha, elite stars in Korea, and Kang Young Hwa and Ha Ni Ta, survivors from Daegaya’s noble family of the Silla Dynasty.

The latest poster for “Moon in the Day” shows a passionate and romantic essence between Han Jun Oh and Kang Young Hwa. The suspenseful tagline, “A fate that cannot be escaped,” leaves us wondering what the next chapter in their story will bring.

Prepare to become enthralled with Moon In The Day as it premieres in South Korea on November 1 via Viki. In the meantime, watch Kim Young Dae in “Sh**ting Stars” and Pyo Ye Jin in “Taxi Driver 2” below!

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Be sure to watch “Moon in the Day” to see this epic love story unfold!