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The Crisis in Gaza: Understanding the Humanitarian Suffering and Political Stakes

Since 2006, the fate of Gaza has been defined by the conflict between Hamas militants and the Israeli government. For over a decade this small region, the size of Philadelphia, has been gripped by a blockade and subjected to political, economic, and humanitarian crisis. Out of the 2.2 million Palestinians living in Gaza, an overwhelming majority are women, children, and youth – some of whom are American citizens. Compounded with military attacks and repression, these civilians are effectively trapped with limited resources and virtually no ability of escape.

The American government has unsuccessfully attempted to balance its commitment to the Israeli regime and the need to protect innocent Palestinian lives by spending over three billion dollars annually.

So how do internationally recognized ‘laws of war’ factor into the present conflict between Israel and Hamas?

•How the Blockade of Gaza Prevents Economic and Human Development
•The Relation Between military Attacks and the Suspension of Resources
•Understanding the Humanitarian Impact of the Conflict
•Protection of Innocent Palestinian Lives and the Support of the Israeli Government

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•America’s 3 Billion Dollar Investment in the Crisis in Gaza
•Living in Limbo: Understanding the Humanitarian Impact of the Conflicting Interests in Gaza
•Breaking Down the Blockade: Exploring the American Role in the Crisis
•Living with Fear: Insight into the Everyday Lives of Palestinians in Gaza