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Chase Away the Summertime Sads with Lucia Lu’s Selections
Summertime sads can cause anyone to feel despondent, but Lucia Lu has the perfect solution – an artist curated selection of uplifting tunes! This talented co-founder of the queer hip-hop collective Hoe_mies, as well as a community organizer originally from Berlin, is set to play at Patterns in Brighton next month and has crafted the perfect playlist to beat the blues.

Filled with high-octane, upbeat tunes, her mix of techno and house music will have you up and grooving in no time. Featuring a blend of pop, hip-hop, and disco edits, this collection of music has something for everyone!

Take a listen to Lucia’s Selections and let the cheerful grooves and heartfelt melodies bring some light into your day.

Lively Dance Tunes to Upbeat Your Mood
Lucia Lu knows what gets the party started! Whether you’re just grooving around by yourself or hosting a get-together with friends, her uplifting selection of tunes is sure to set the mood. Get ready to move to an eclectic mix of flavors—from techno and house beats to the smoothest of hip-hop and disco edits.

Soulful Melodies to Put a Spring in Your Step
Lucia Lu has it all—and so does her Selections playlist. When you need a pick-me-up, let her soulful melodies kick in and let the music speak for itself. For those looking for an instant energy boost, this vibrant playlist has the perfect tracks to get you back on your feet.

Beat the Summertime Sads With Lucia Lu’s Selections
Summertime sads don’t stand a chance against Lucia Lu’s Selections! Whether it’s the warm sunshine or the cold winter months, her artist-curated playlist featuring high-octane, techno, house, and disco beats is sure to provide the perfect remedy! Get ready to let her vibrant vibes bring some warmth to your day.