Shakira receives sad news after dishing horrors of Gerard Pique split – Geo News

“Sad News for Shakira as Her Mother is Hospitalized Following Gerard Pique Split”

Shakira has been dealing with a series of difficult events in recent weeks, first with her father’s health scare followed by the news that her mother, Nidia Ripoll, is hospitalized. According to Spanish media outlet Marca, Nidia began to feel unwell last Friday and has since been diagnosed with thrombosis in her leg.

Shakira immediately flew to Barranquilla, her hometown, in order to be at her mother’s side. Reports indicate Nidia has been responding well to medical treatment and her recovery is taking place steadily.

This is not the first time that Nidia has been admitted to the hospital this year: she was also hospitalized in March. This news has been a blow for Shakira, who recently discussed the aftermath of her split with Gerard Pique in an interview with Billboard.

Is Shakira’s Struggles Showing No End In Sight?

Shakira is currently confronting yet another difficult obstacle, with her mother’s health-related problems. As the Colombian singer disclosed the trauma she has gone through since her split with Gerard Pique, the news that her mother has been hospitalized has been a difficult blow.

Nidia Ripoll was diagnosed with thrombosis last Friday and is now undergoing treatment for her condition. This is the second time this year that Nidia has required hospital care, with the first event occurring in March.

However, despite her health issues, reports say that Nidia is responding positively to medical treatments and is gradually on the up-and-up. Shakira flew to Barranquilla as fast as possible in order to be by her mother’s side during this period.

The latest news of her mother’s health is another adversity joining many that Shakira has faced in recent weeks, including her discussions with Billboard about the breakup with Pique.