Sick, Sad World of Sports: Mel Tucker, Chandler Jones, Josh Primo – Deadspin

Clickbait Style Titles:

1. “The Ugly Side of Sports: The Human Fallibility Of Athletes Exposed!”
2. “The Shocking Truth About Sports Figures Exposed!”
3. “The Sad, Shameful Side of Sports You Never Knew”

Sick, Sad World of Sports: The Human Fallibility of Athletes Uncovered

It’s too easy for fans of sports to ignore the realities of the ‘sick, sad world of sports’. Fans get away with brawls in the concourse, sex offenders taking the mound, and supporters’ livelihoods at the mercy of the direction of the team. Unfortunately, this is still the world of sports we live in today.

The ugly truth is that those with mental illnesses are often deemed ‘weak’ and get waived instead of being sent to rehab. Where is the compassion in that?

That’s why Deadspin has decided to monitor the sports industry and act as an ‘incident blotter’. So, from coaches, players, fans to owners, anyone related to the industry can face the consequences of their actions or be reminded of the stark realities of this world.

Exploring the Darker Side of Our Sporting Culture

It’s no surprise that the beautifully produced highlight packages can fail to capture the darker side of our sports culture. Let’s be honest, some of the stories of sports misconduct are devastating and may come as a shock to many. So be warned, readers, and enter this brave new world with caution.

This exercise isn’t meant to be enjoyable, but rather it is a reminder of the facts. However, by bringing the issue out into the open, we can help to confront the problem and make real changes.