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Devastating Loss for DC Young Fly: Comedian Shares News of 3rd Family Member’s Passing in the Space of a Year

DC Young Fly, the Wild N’ Out star is no stranger to heartache. The 31 year old revealed to his Instagram followers this week that he has suffered the tragic loss of his sister – marking the third close family member to pass away in the span of a year.

“In a matter of a year I lost 3 people 💔,” he wrote. “My Kuzzin last August, my girl in May and my sister a couple days ago 🙏🏼.. You just gotta stick through the mission knowing that GOD got you and he will grant you the strength…”.

This heartbreaking news follows the death of Jacky Oh, DC Young Fly’s partner, in May and an unnamed relative of the comedian in August.

Focusing on His Father: A 61 Year Old Pastor

During a Club Shay Shay podcast, the star proclaimed he comes from an “older family”. He explained that his father is 61 and his oldest brother is currently 66 years old. Furthermore, the comedian went on to proclaim that due to having such an “older family,” he has a grand-brother, grand-daddies, a great niece and is a great uncle – all at the relatively young age of 31.

Tribute to Jacky Oh

Prior to the news of his sister’s passing, the star paid tribute to Jacky Oh and gave the eulogy at her funeral. He disclosed to the press that he finds himself crying “all the time” in private in regards to her death.

“We’re human, we’re emotional,” he said. “People want to see me cry. I’m just not going to record myself crying and show you I’m crying. I cry all the time. I’d rather show positivity and let people know that God is the greatest. I want to continue to show that God is keeping me uplifted and grants me the strength.”

The medical examiner from Miami-Dade County revealed that the mother of DC Young Fly’s three children had died due to complications from cosmetic surgery.

BOSSIP sends sincere condolences to DC Young Fly in this difficult time.