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Celebrate a Century of Magical Disney Animation!

Today marks a historic anniversary: 100 years ago, Walt and Roy Disney formed the Disney Brothers’ Studio, laying the groundwork for decades of remarkable artistic achievements in animation. From Alice in Wonderland to Snow White, Disney has inspired generations of viewers with captivating characters, thrilling stories, and awe-inspiring visuals.

Early Disney Animations Brought to Life

Though much of filmmaking has changed since the 1930s, the magic of early Disney films still captivates audiences. Snow White, particularly, forever remains a source of joy and fear. Many viewers recall being “scared out of [their] wits” while watching Snow White run through the enchanted forest, pursued by malevolent eyes and grasping hands.

Recalling the Joy of Classic Disney Films

Today, let’s celebrate the timeless legacy of Disney animation, whether through watching these classics or seeing modern interpretations of favorite characters. From the early days of the Disney Brothers’ studio to the global entertainment powerhouse the world knows today, Disney continues to enchant viewers of all ages.

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