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Uncovering the Sadness of a Small Town in Texas: How Winter Storm Goliath Forever Changed My View on Life

Driving through Texas in 2015 amidst Winter Storm Goliath, my family and I were expecting to experience something different. What we were not expecting, however, was to come across a town that was uniquely sad.

A time of tragedy
Our journey through wrecked Arkansas was dramatic enough; the parking lot of our hotel had already begun to flood. Although Goliath had already bestowed itself upon us in the form of gasoline on our shoes, we were still in awe of its capability as we drove through countless Texas towns.

My Arizona born-self had never seen such a large amount of ice, but what tarried with me more than the icy roads was the town. This particular town seemed as though it felt the weight of the storm, and was ever so sorrowfully engulfed by its tragedy.

A reminder of death
Though we had already passed through numerous towns that had been torn to pieces, this one seemed to permeate with sadness itself. Not even the staggering community outreach efforts were enough to make the town appear otherwise. This solemn atmosphere stood in vast contrast to what I was used to back home – a view of serenity while sipping a cup of tea.

Realizing the great tragedy of the storm, our quick glance seemed to be a sign that we were intruding upon a place where we were not meant to be. It was as if by stepping foot in the town, we were reminded of the immense power of Goliath and the lives it had claimed.

A ghostly sight
The town of melancholy was gray and its colours were muted and lifeless. Nothing in it gave the impression of summer and certainly no living presence was detectable. The only thing that was almost moving was a playground; however, it lacked the ambiance that brings joy to any child. It was as if someone had taken all the life out of the town,and forgotten to put it back.

Taking away the sadness
As we drove away, I was both grateful for and haunted by the sad town in Texas. It reminded me of both how precious life is and, additionally, the fragility of safety. Yet more than anything, I was hopeful that the town would recover and again fill with life.

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