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TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones has revealed that her son Uche has broken his wrist while playing as a goalie.

The Today Show hosts interviewed snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis about her new book during the Tuesday, October 17 episode of the show.


BROKEN Today’s Sheinelle Jones reveals sad family news as she shares health update on son Uche, , *TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSIIN*, *VIDEO PROVIDED BY WRITER*Credit: Instagram


TODAY — Pictured: Sheinelle Jones and her kids, Clara, Kayin and Uche, on Thursday, April 27, 2023 — (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)Credit: Getty Images

Before the segment wrapped up, Al Roker had a question to ask Lindsey.

“Hey Lindsey, maybe you could give a little message to Uche, Sheinelle’s son, who just–” Al trailed off, as Sheinelle took over.

“He just broke his wrist yesterday,” she said of her 11-year-old son Uche.

“But it’s different when you’re an Olympian versus playing at recess,” Sheinelle said with a sad smile.


She explained: “He was playing around at recess, playing soccer. He was playing goalie and broke his wrist.”

“But now you can point to Lindsey Jacobellis,” Craig Melvin said with a laugh.

Sheinelle looked a bit happier after the exchange.

She previously took to her Instagram Stories with a video of when Uche had hurt himself.

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“I saved it!” Uche laughed, holding up his broken wrist, talking about the ball he tried to keep from hitting the goal.

“It is not worth not going to class, or recess, even worse,” Sheinelle said, shaking her head.


Recently, Sheinelle went missing from her desk after spending a night on the town with some friends.

She ventured out with a friend to cheer on tennis player Coco Gauff during her match at the US Open.

The anchor shared a few videos to her Instagram and Instagram Stories of her night out.

She cheered on Coco as the tennis star secured a victory during the event.

“She did it!” Sheinelle captioned her video, where she was seen cheering with pal Talia Parkinson.

Talia shared the moment on her own Instagram.

After the fun night, however, Sheinelle was missing from Today.

It looks like she got an early start on the weekend with her time off.


Recently, Craig Melvin was called out for putting co-host Sheinelle Jones on the spot while asking if she could change a spare tire.

During a segment about summer car safety, Sheinelle recalled a time when she had an issue on a road trip.

Vicky Nguyen was on the show to talk about useful items to keep in the car in the event of emergencies.

She mentioned that a lot of newer cars don’t have spare tires these days.

Sheinelle said she learned that the hard way.

“We were on our way upstate, and I hit a pothole, it was not my fault,” she explained.

During Sheinelle’s story Al Roker joked: “The pothole just jumped out at you.”

Sheinelle grinned as she said she opened the trunk of the car and there was no spare at the time.

Craig asked “Had there been a spare, would you have been able to change it?”

Sheinelle snapped “No, but I could have called somebody!”

“Yeah, it would have been a step in the right direction,” replied Vicky.

Following the moment, one person reacted: “Of course, Craig Melvin throws Sheinelle Jones under the bus… Big bro just doing what he does!”


All this comes after Al called out Craig for ditching him in the middle of a live segment.

On Monday, the famous meteorologist, 68, threw shade at his co-host over the 44-year-old’s shocking behavior, and producers made sure to catch it all on camera.

During the Today 3rd Hour, Al, Craig, and fellow co-stars Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle all joined to learn from fitness contributor Stephanie Mansour about how to stay cool during summer workouts.

Craig kicked off the segment by introducing the guest and asking her to share some of her top tips.

After a little over a minute into the segment, Al asked the next question and the camera focused in on just the weatherman and Stephanie.

Apparently, just out of frame, Craig had decided to ditch the segment and walk away from the set for a bit.

Al called him out on it, teasing to the fitness contributor: “Is it a good thing, too, if you’re not feeling great, to just kind of wander off, the way Craig did?”

She looked shocked as she laughed at the host’s comment, and Craig could be heard defending him off-stage.

He stumbled as he collected his thoughts, saying: “I– I– I made my contribution to the segment. I thought I–“

“What happened to the team,” Al jumped in to ask, as the camera began cutting back between the two hosts.

“I was gonna come back for the end,” Craig insisted.

After being called out, Craig fast-walked back onto the stage and narrowly avoided an NSFW blunder, as he whispered about Al, “You’re such a jack–“

Al heard him and laughed, saying, “You were gonna say, ‘Such a jack–,’” but he cut himself off, as well.

The duo then finished up the rest of the segment alongside their fellow co-hosts.