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Is the End of the Pac-12 Coming? Chip Kelly Speaks Before Final Matchup Between UCLA and Stanford

The college football season brings people from all over the country together to enjoy the on-field product, but there’s a dark cloud looming over the sport in the form of a potential end to the Pac-12. Reports suggest that 10 of the conference’s programs will be leaving for another in 2024, and this Saturday’s matchup between No. 25 UCLA and Stanford will mark their final meet as Pac-12 rivals.

Ahead of the big game, UCLA head coach Chip Kelly spoke to the media and gave a depressing insight into how he feels about the state of the conference. He spoke out against the lack of solutions put forward to solve the problem, and particularly criticised those responsible for making big money from the sport and putting the student athletes in such a precarious position.

Although the Bruins are scheduled to play for the Big Ten next season, Stanford is set to join the ACC. So, the game this weekend will officially mark the end of the long-running rivalry between the two teams, and it’s clear the departing head coach is less than happy about it.

Chip Kelly’s Resentment About the Pac-12’s Decline

The Pac-12’s demise is closing in with UCLA and Stanford set to play for the final time as conference foes this Saturday. Prior to the match, UCLA head coach Chip Kelly spoke out about the situation, showing his clear resentment about the conference’s decline and lack of solutions.

Kelly’s view is that the people at the top, such as those in charge of making big money, should be criticised in favor of the student athletes who have little control over the situation. The Bruins and Stanford are both set to go their separate ways, to the Big Ten and ACC respectively, after the season ends.

The departure of these two programs marks the end of a long-running rivalry, and Kelly’s disappoint is palpable. It is a sad situation which encapsulates the impending demise of the Pac-12 and the effect it is having on college football.