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Disgusted Aussie Finds Used Syringes at Children’s Playground – Here’s What You Can Do

An outraged mother has spoken out after a shocking discovery of used syringes meters away from a popular children’s playground in Queensland.

The Noosa local, who wishes to remain anonymous, spotted the needles on the ground at the Cranks Creek Park, on the Sunshine Coast, during the weekend. She quickly gathered the syringes and disposed of them, but is concerned of the potential health risks to children or animals coming into contact with them.

“It was very sad to see, and we were shocked. They were behind the bus stop — right in front of a park my kids and many more play in. About five-meters from play equipment,” the distressed woman said. “This is very sad to see in our community and it makes me angry”.

Noosa Residents Speak Out On Syringe Sightings

The woman shared her story online, which prompted other locals to speak out about their own findings of syringes in the area. One woman wrote about sightings in “Lions Park, Pirate Park, Tewantin, the park that runs off dowrn by the Tewantin medical centre, Noosa Outlook Park, Noosa Heads Park”.

Another said “Noosa Beach” was even worse, with the council having to sieve the sand.

What You Need To Know About Used Syringe Safety

A survey from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 5.6% of the population (around 375,000 people) had injected a drug at least once in their lifetime, with 54% of those reporting methamphetamine as the drug of choice.

The Queensland Needle and Syringe Program is currently in place to reduce the incidence of blood borne viruses, injuries and disease. It facilitates the safe disposal of used syringes and needles.

It’s unclear how many sharp disposal bins are currently installed on the Sunshine Coast or in the Noosa region, but Yahoo News Australia has sought clarity from Noosa Council on the matter.

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Used Syringes

If you find yourself in a situation it’s important not to touch or pick up used syringes or any other sharp objects. Be sure to let local authorities know as soon as is possible.

At home, educate your children on the dangers of needles and remind them not to pick up syringes even if they look safe.

“A Noosa Mum’s Terrifying Discovery of Syringes at a Children’s Playground – What You Should Do Next”