Why Feeling Sad in Fall is Normal – Grazia USA

“Unmasking The Hidden Pleasures of Autumn: The Psychology Behind It”

As autumn arrives, days begin to shorten and temperatures start to drop. With the new season also comes a certain feeling of melancholy, known as “autumn blues”. Shortened days, less sunlight, and frequent rain can have a negative effect on our mood. But why is it that some people look forward to the start of fall? Here, we analyze the psychology behind the season to uncover the hidden delights that come with autumn.

• Feeling the Effects of the Season: What Is Autumn Blues?
The first symptom of the changing season is a peculiar moodiness that brings feelings of sadness, fatigue, tiredness, drowsiness, and nervousness, which is commonly known as “autumn blues”. These effects come from environmental triggers such as shorter days, less sunlight, and more frequent rain.

• Don’t Hibernate Prematurely: Enjoy the Mild Weather
Don’t let the colder temperatures get you feeling gloomy – the transitional seasons are ideal for long walks and discovering new cities. Real life begins when you get up and out of the house!

• Rejuvenate in Nature: Forest Bathing and Its Benefits
Embracing nature is a great way to boost your energy levels and combat stress. Take regular breaks to connect with nature and reap the benefits, such as improved attention, concentration, and relaxation.

• Let Yourself Sleep More: Uncover the Benefits of Melatonin
As the hours of darkness increase, our biological clock must adjust to the new cycles. The onset of drowsiness is caused by the sleep hormone, melatonin, which increases as summer ends. Take advantage by allowing yourself to sleep more.

• Keep Socializing: Don’t Isolate Yourself
Finally, to truly combat autumn blues, don’t give up on seeing your friends – the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of social interactions. If you’re feeling less keen to go out and make plans, find alternative strategies such as movie nights with friends or group outdoor activities.

Unlock the Pleasures of Autumn This Year
Despite the difficulty of shorter days and colder temperatures, autumn still has something to offer. Through understanding the psychology behind the season and embracing nature, we can uncover the hidden delights of autumn and enjoy the transition between summer and winter!